Hello world!

July 7th, 2021

by Matteo Loglio


Secret of Mana

Welcome to oio land - a new home for misfit experiments, crispy write-ups and chunky lines of code, freshly delivered to your browser window from our design laboratory. Often sealed under confidentiality agreements or simply lost throughout the process, these nuggets making up the most of our practice will finally have a place to exist.

Don't take this space too seriously - it's buggy and it breaks, but that's how it's supposed to be. We did not rely on frameworks or web-building tools but coded the whole thing from scratch, just like the good old times. Why do this to ourselves? Well stay tuned, there's logic to our madness. An article about rolling your own website in 2021 is coming soon. Is it? Who knows.

Additionally we think there's a great need for dissemination of fresh ideas and knowledge, and oio.land is our excuse and responsibility to spark these conversations, so that our thinking won't be lost in time, like tears in rain.

As an appetizer we are offering a fresh write-up describing our approach to design and artificial intelligence, titled Designing with Machines, and more will be published in the upcoming weeks.

How to stay in the loop? Very simple - join our Discord, follow our Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to our crunchy recaps in the monthly newsletter. For any feedback and suggestions, please use Discord or send a good old-fashioned email at hello@oio.studio.

👋 Happy browsing!